The Book of Creativity

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This amazing book is for everyone; artists, musicians, writers, dreamers, visionaries, students, teachers, humanitarians, entrepreneurs, rich, poor, young and old. Rassouli shows how your creativity is not limited in any way or to any form; it can flow into every area of your life to help manifest your heart's desires. Creating a beautiful painting to creating the world's most desirable mobile phone, the principles are the same.

Toni Carmine Salerno _ International artist & author


Tapping into your creative energy brings so many gifts. Aliveness, inspiration, vitality, confidence, even spiritual awareness and - rather importantly - fun. If you want to discover the wellspring of creative energy in you, Rassouli is an excellent guide. He is talented visionary artist and lover of the human soul. He has written this inspiring book from the perspective of a 'creative insider', one who already lives a creative life with confidence and experience, inviting you to step beyond doubt and into the healing fire of your own creative power.

Alana Fairchild _ Bestselling author & speaker 


It is unbelievable to know how a book on creativity can change one's life. At least, it happened to me! Although I have been looking for ways to be more creative in my life for some years already, this book has been a quantum jump for me, really! Creating without a target and without fear is freeing my soal up and I feel my life journey is being uncovered by creativity. I also feel my spirit moving, growing and taking the steering wheel after reading this book. Now, joy and energy are flowing out of me every single moment of the day.

Linda Baker _ Accountant


Reading THE BOOK OF CREATIVITY is an experience of a lifetime! Through the author's wisdom and discussion. I not only discovered how to recognize true art, but I also learned a lot about myself. Rassouli's supportive and nurturing skills showed me how to be creative not only in art but in life in general. I decided to help my friends and relatives to experience the similar positive change in life, so I bought several copies of the book and now everywhere I go, instead of taking a bottle of wine or some flowers, I gift them with a copy of the book. I highly recommended this book for an incredible journey towards self-discovery and waking up the artist within you.

James Michoud _ Attorney