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Muse Cafe

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Muse Cafe is a salon-style gathering for artists to share their work; a place to get inspired, improvise, perform, and create. Each week, we will establish a theme and invite a guest to join Muse Cafe. We will present the theme and welcome attendees to begin creating.

Some nights we will host workshops; some, performances; some, open mics. But on all nights, Muse Cafe will be a safe, healthy space to foster relationships with other artists. We invite anyone, of any background, to attend. Sharing meals and refreshments, we will enjoy a convivial setting; giving and receiving feedback and criticism, we will grow as artists. Muse Cafe will be held at different venues, each one magical in its way, to provide fresh perspective and inspiration.

For Muse Cafe's initial gathering, come prepared to learn, to enjoy great performances, and to create art together.