Only CREATIVITY can unit us

 I believe humanity will ultimately be united through the open sharing of one heart to another. How else are we to develop a deeper respect and appreciation of the differences in our traditions, our cultures, and our belief systems? How else shall we discover the true nature and the profound beauty that dwells within each one of us? The creative process is what can recognize and develop that beauty by clearing away what blocks it and by giving us freedom to explore the depth and power of our feelings. Creativity helps us find a path of possibilities that can give expression to what we see as beauty in a way that is most natural to each individual.

 My life began in the east, and my longings to create prompted me to cross the ocean to the western shores of California to pursue my dream. I have since realized that our greatest achievements are truly possible when we are free to follow the guidance of our muse, which is the compassionate current of energy that unleashes our creative power and has the potential to unite us all. This book is a guide to help open the pathways that would make it possible.

My intention is to take you on a journey to wander into the spontaneity and mystery of allowing life to unfold as you remain available to limitless creative possibilities along the way. This process is similar to inviting the child within us to come out and play. We prepare for this by providing an inner atmosphere of freedom in which we may receive and express new perceptions and ideas, free of any sense of “doing it right,” and of course to creatively manifest our dreams.

Mastering your creative power

By Rassouli


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