Looking for Infinity

Entering the world of a Mystic 

This mystic cannot help his vanishing

into the living mystery of God…

it calls the soul beyond everything I have ever known

and then surprises by manifesting creatively…..

infinitely…….and intimately

in the feathering of the divine essence

as such variation and beauty…

I experience a melting of all identity

into the softness of love

and the magnificence of light

in the gift of caressing waves of peace….

God is an artist of stroking color and vision…

a sculptor of glorious expression….

the sound and symphony

of the evolution of spinning stars…

a glowing luminous and embracing moonlight …

mountainous stairways to the sky…….

whispering tenderness….

an interior river of flowing peace…….

an eternal companion…….

magnifying and enlarging and deepening

the expanse and reach of divine love..

the sacred path

of the sweet revelation

of relationship

where everything is transformed into life itself..

i surrender into the sacred surroundings

of an absolutely enchanting Beloved..

this is the exquisite and elegant dwelling

within the One

from whom we come..

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