Power of Creativity


What is fusionart?

Fusionart Global association is an artistic community dedicated to recognizing, nurturing and promoting the uniqueness of creative power in everyone and to support Fusionartists in increasing their contribution of art to society.  We accomplish this mission by establishing and maintaining an environment to create high quality arts in every medium; serving as forum for the exchange of information and ideas; acting as an advocate for our Fusionartist members; and being a leader in shaping public discourse about the arts community and its importance in bringing peace and unity to the world, which is needed desperately during these disconcerting times.  


Fusionart is an invitation to feel, visualize and express what dwells within us.

Because it is about connection, the artistic expression of a Fusionartist flows from the heart, and reflects what is felt rather than what is observed. The emotional and spiritual energy of the artist fuses with what longs to be expressed. It makes the unseen visible in a unique way that in turn sparks a sense of recognition in the viewer’s subconscious. The viewer is drawn into an expansion of that creative exchange and inspired to feel and in turn share the artistic expression. This dynamic exchange of energy is a living transaction, a relationship, a fusion!

There are several ways every individual is able to experience Fusionart. You have the opportunity to participate in our monthly, seasonal, or annual creativity retreats offered at various Fusionart centers. You can visit art exhibitions or participate in festivals and galas arranged by Fusionartists. You can read articles and books published about Fusionart or by Fusionartists or watch videos of our creative process.


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Tap into the source of your unlimited creative power and infinite bliss. Learn how to be awakened into a sense of possibility to make your life extraordinary. Unleash a flood of pure creativity through love.


Creativity is for everyone: artists, musicians, writers, dreamers, visionaries, students, teachers, humanitarians, entrepreneurs, rich, poor, young, and old. Rassouli shows how your creativity is not limited in any way or to any form; it can flow into every area of your life to help manifest your heart's desires. 

Toni Carmine Salerno | International artist & author

Tapping into your creative energy brings so many gifts. Aliveness, inspiration, vitality, confidence, even spiritual awareness and, importantly, fun. One who already lives a creative life with confidence and experience invites you to step beyond doubt and into the healing fire of your own creative power.

Alana Fairchild | Bestselling author & speaker

It is unbelievable to know how a book on creativity can change one's life. At least, it happened to me! Although I have been looking for ways to be more creative in my life for some years already, this book has been a quantum jump for me, really! Creating without a target and without fear is freeing my soul up, and I feel my life's journey is being uncovered by creativity. I also feel my spirit moving!

Linda Baker | Accountant

Reading THE BOOK OF CREATIVITY is the experience of a lifetime! Through the author's wisdom and discussion, I not only discovered how to recognize true art, but I also learned a lot about myself. I bought several copies and now, everywhere I go, instead of taking a bottle of wine, I gift them with a copy of the book.

James Michoud | Attorney