Pictupaint is an artwork in which actual photographic image is fused with classic oil painting technique. The result is an original work of art that will remain with you and your future generations forever. The process of Pictupaint has been developed and coined by Rassouli.  In this process, he arranges one or a group of photographs together and prints it on a canvas. He then creates a fantasy environment that is combined with the images of the figures and finishes the entire canvas with oil paint. The result is an original artwork that would live forever.

Commissioning a pictupaint portrait

All you have to do to commission a pictupaint portrait by Rassouli is to send us one or more of your favorite photos and tell us about the dream and fantasy that you would like to see surrounding your image. Rassouli will complete your artwork through several stages of sending you progress images for your approvals.

The final cost of the artwork will be approved by you prior to the start of the work. Fees presently range from $2,500 to $7,500 depending on the size and complexity of the paintings. The total work usually takes about a month and we will take full responsivity of shipping the artwork to your address anywhere in the world. After you receive the artwork, if you are not satisfied, we will refund your total money less  25 percent.

For more information and to arrange for your commissioned pictupaint artwork, please contact us at: info@FusionartInternational.com     


Pictupaint: An extraordinary work of art by Rassouli

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