Our History


RASSOULI is an artist and an author who is known for his "Fusionart" style. He migrated to the United States from Iran as a young man and is currently residing in Southern California.
From early childhood, Rassouli studied Persian classical painting under miniature masters, while eagerly searching volumes of European artistic works of varied traditions and styles. He roamed the art museums, won awards for his paintings, and traveled in classical Europe as a teenager prior to coming to the United States in 1963 to further explore his artistic drive. 

Here, he studied fine arts and architecture at the University of New Mexico and environmental psychology at the University of Southern California.
Although he practiced architecture for a time, painting ultimately became his overpowering passion and his profession. Through the years, Rassouli has created hundreds of canvases, in his unique style of Fusionart, which invite the viewer into the creative power of the heart and the wonder and beauty of the soul. 
The conceptual approach of Fusionart has been developing in Rassouli since early childhood, which is evident in the variety of his creative work. Rassouli paints with rags, with his fingers, and uses his favorite brushes when he feels moved to enhance what is happening on the canvas. 

Within the past thirty years, He has exhibited widely in the United States, Europe and Asia and has created several major murals.  Rassouli's art has been featured in numerous books and periodicals, including several books that he has written on creativity and mysticism. He has guided many artists in retreats, and has shares his approach to creativity through public talks, in radio and television interviews and in videos and films. 

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