The depiction of imagery and symbolism upon walls has been utilized to tell a story throughout the history of humanity. Ancient cave paintings have been dated as far back as 30,000 BC, where as the written language dates back to 3,200 BC. Murals have evolved over time, from cave art to urban art and everything in between, serving as windows into the stages of cultural development. 

While all venues open to sharing art, holding space for the power of symbolism to inspire, are appreciated, the galleries and museums are for the audience who take the time to visit, but art on the street can touch everyone. Through the conscious and subconscious, the symbolic messages in the streets have the power to plant seeds within all who pass.


After decades of experience in different fields of art and creative therapy, Benjamin Swatez, internationally renowned artist, has exhibited his work on four continents, in over 75 international exhibitions in both galleries and museums. He has also had the honor to paint murals in over 20 countries, as project director, international art convention director and mural director in countless collaborations around the world. In each mural Mr. Swatez listens to the culture, the wall itself and the environment to create a composition that directly addresses the topic at hand, harmoniously weaving all elements into a unified message.

Mr. Swatez has painted the largest murals of several regions and countries globally. Among the murals that he has directed and painted are powerful compositions on the European Union and Australian Embassies in Kathmandu, Nepal, with women rescued from human trafficking, for non-profits and orphanages in Central Africa on walls with bullet holes with former child soldiers, for Save the Children in Za’atari Refugee Camp with Syrian Refugees and for the island of Puerto Rico post Hurricane Maria honoring people who passed away from the effects of the storm and the indigenous of the Red Zone of Colombia. His murals cover a wide range of themes all revolving around equality and the freedom of choice. In the process of creation and the significant symbolism evident in the final product, empowerment and education is at the forefront of every collaborative, community composition.

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