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2nd Fusionart Retreat

Fusionart International Community


The essential purpose of the Community of Fusionart is to promote the concept of unity on a global level by utilizing creative expressions as channels for discovering common focus and purpose among various cultures.  Our intention is to expand the creative power of those who have similar beliefs to present their creativity and to generate public support and interest in areas that affect the larger world.  We are dedicated to providing a forum for creative dialogue between artists and the public on both local and international levels


Our statement of purpose is:


  • To identify, support, and collaborate with both emerging and established artists in every major medium by designing and implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy to create income-generating opportunities for the financial stability of Fusionartists and to advocate for an expanded level of public support for developing the concept of unity through the arts.
  • To provide opportunities and locations for presenting the creative works of Fusionartists to broaden their supportive audience and to help them develop economic support and recognition as artists.
  • To establish a network on an international scale between Fusionartists and the public at large for developing expanded support for international cultural exchange. We believe by encouraging the open flow of creative expression and thought, we can affect how nations perceive one another.
  • To foster, encourage, and institute a working model of unity among artists that reaches beyond the exchange of philosophical ideas, and to convey and promote unity in diversity through public forums.



Therefore, we are introducing and launching a campaign and providing a service for both the local and global community, inspiring artists to create in diversity and yet seek new and positive ways to advance the concept of cultural fusion and unity as a common purpose.

One primary distinguishing feature identifies Fusionart in its creative expression.  Fusionartists are inspired through their spiritual growth and development beyond the external artistic techniques alone.  We believe that it is an inner power that reaches beyond our outer skill and expertise as artists that creates the larger vision that can unite us. Art is not simply an economic commodity, for we truly believe that what affects one of us affects us all.


Our hope is to discover ways to allow our diversity to open new doors that will benefit both the artists and the public to dissolve the barriers that isolate us and promote cultural fusion and unity around the world.

As Fusionartists, we seek ways to transcend promotion of the self and those beliefs that separate us. We believe the twenty-first century may well be the first century to celebrate universal peace and to inspire the unity of humanity. Artists have an exciting opportunity to become the visionary architects and creators of a global renaissance of tomorrow

We have come together to support and promote the vision, the philosophy, and creations of the art world to include and benefit, not just the artist, but all of us who share this planet.

Fusionart Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to create a community of artists to identify, support and collaborate with each other in facilitating, promoting and encouraging the open flow of art and ideas as an opportunity to affect the way the nations perceive one another.  We are committed not only to co-create continued venue to showcase such artistic creations, but also to convey and promote working models that foster, encourage and institute unity in diversity to the public.

Fusionart Mission Statement

Fusionart Global association is an artistic community dedicated to recognizing, nurturing and promoting the uniqueness of creative power in everyone and to support Fusionartists in increasing their contribution of art to society.  We accomplish this mission by establishing and maintaining an environment to create high quality arts in every medium; serving as forum for the exchange of information and ideas; acting as an advocate for our Fusionartist members; and being a leader in shaping public discourse about the arts community and its importance in bringing peace and unity to the world, which is needed desperately during these disconcerting times.


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