What is Fusionart?

Fusionart is a term given to an artistic movement, which is meant to be a catalyst to bring the cultures of the East and the West together. The term, Fusionart, was initially used in 1985, by artist Rassouli, to describe his painting style of combining mysticism of the East with artistic techniques of the Western world. Since then, Fusionart has become known as a certain art movement that is followed by hundreds of artists throughout the world.

Fusionart is about the art of living. It is about oneness, or the fusion of that which seems separate. It culminates in the marriage and union of opposites. Fusionart includes, not only art as products, but also the visions and perceptions of the soul.  Fusionart is much more than just a movement in art. It is about life itself, a flow that becomes a harbinger of joy in the lives of those touched and affected by it.

The artistic expression that comes through a Fusionartist flows from the heart, not reflecting what is seen, but what is felt, and it makes the unseen visible in a uniquely manifested form. That expression sparks certain recognition in the viewer’s sub-consciousness.

The works that flow through Fusionartists are about connection. What is shown on the canvas is the emotional and spiritual energy of the artist fusing with whatever is longing to be expressed.  When viewers look at the work of a Fusionartist, they are drawn into an expansion of that creative exchange to feel and share the artistic expression of what is revealed. It is a living transaction, a relationship, a fusion!

The viewer brings a new dimension of feeling and reaction to the process. The artwork invites the creation event to continue and to become connected with another.  It provides the artist a space to create something alive with energy, which can trigger a response that, in turn, grows and expands within each viewer’s own emotional and spiritual reaction to the artwork. 

Fusionart is meant to bring the human soul and body together and make them into a unified whole, which allegedly calls into real life the intrinsic feelings of human beings. The result is a spiritual flow that continues beyond the moment.  It may be consciously recognized, or it may continue on a subconscious level, but either way, it continues to invite a response.


Fusion artists do not create pictures of static events, frozen in time. Their works become expressions of a dynamic exchange of energy always allowing for something new to emerge.

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