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What is Fusionart 

Fusionart is an artistic movement meant to be a catalyst to bring cultures together. The term, Fusionart, initially used in 1984 by Master Fusionartist Rassouli, describes his painting style combining the mysticism of the East with artistic techniques of the West.

In the ensuing decades, Fusionart developed into an art movement followed by hundreds of artists throughout the world. Today, it continues to evolve, driven by a higher purpose advocating the universal language of peace, unity, beauty, freedom, healing and, above all, the power of Love. 

Fusionart is much more than just a movement in art: it is a movement in the art of living. Fusionart is about oneness, or fusing with what appears to be separate from the self, in order to arrive at the union of opposites. Fusionart is an expression of the soul’s visions; it is about life itself, a flow that becomes a harbinger of joy in those touched by it.

Fusionart is an invitation to feel, visualize and express
what dwells within us.

Because it is about connection, the artistic expression of a Fusionartist flows from the heart, and reflects what is felt rather than what is observed. Paintings are alive, and not pictures of static events or elements frozen in time. The emotional and spiritual energy of the artist fuses with what longs to be expressed. It makes the unseen visible in a unique way that in turn sparks a sense of recognition in the viewer’s sub-conscious. The viewer is drawn into an expansion of that creative exchange and inspired to feel and in turn share the artistic expression. This dynamic exchange of energy is a living transaction, a relationship, a fusion!

The artwork continues to grow and expand through new connections with new viewers motivating new expressions of creativity. Thus the creative flow continues to spiral out (and touch others), as does the Universal cycle of life itself.  Many of the concepts of Fusionart can be found in the book “ Fusionart, Creative Expression through the Heart”, by Rassouli.

"Ever since I can remember, I’ve been creating artworks. When I decided to do something greater than that, I went on to create environments that nourish and invite creativity."

Experiencing Fusionart

There are several ways every individual is able to experience Fusionart. You have the opportunity to participate at our monthly, seasonal or annual creativity retreats offered in various Fusionart centers. You can visit art exhibitions or participate at festivals and galas arranged by Fusionartists. You can read articles and books published about Fusionart or by Fusionartists or watch videos of our creative process.

"Reach higher, reach for your Spirit"

Please bookmark this site and visit it regularly to learn about Fusionart's latest programs.

- Creativity Retreats:

Fusionart Creativity Retreats are offered by Rassouli as well as Certified Fusionart Facilitators throughout the world. The goal is to create common ground between opposites, to bring people together from all kinds of backgrounds, to create new bridges, connecting with Love, Unity, and Creativity, what has been mostly personal in the past.

Retreat participants gather to rendezvous with Fusionartists from around the globe in a great variety of artistic mediums, painting, sculpture, poetry, music, song, dance, improvisation, photography or whatever empowers their hearts to create and inspire. All Fusionart Creativity Retreats and gatherings are held in a safe, supportive, environment free of judgment, in atmosphere filled with inspirational creative energy, camaraderie and Joy.

Individuals have opportunity to open up to the flow of their inner creator to create their “self” as artwork rather than make pretty pictures. They practice on canvas to get rid of confusion, chaos, lack of focus and develop the confidence to carry what they experience into their everyday life.

Click HERE to learn more about Fusionart Creativity Retreats.

- Fusionart Resources:

Web Links:

YouTube Videos:

A painting Retreat with Rassouli

Amazing impact of guidance of Rassouli

Eternal Feminine

Rassouli painting a moving art

Many more videos can be found under "Rassouli" or "Fusionart" on YouTube and Vimeo.

- Fusionart Centers:

Fusionart International Headquarters in Encino, California

Fusionart International Middle East Center in Oman

Fusionart International Central Europe in Czech Republic

- Fusionart Groups:

Fusionart activities are spreading globally. New Groups are springing up all the time. As Fusionart expands new centers and groups are forming in various continents.

Fusionart Group in Los Angeles, California

Fusionart Group in Lazanky, Czech Republic

Fusionart Group in San Diego, California

Fusionart Group in Muscat, Oman

Painting in the Park in Santa Monica, Ca.

Painting in the Garden in Culver City, Ca.

Painting in the Desert in Beaumont, Ca. USA

- Books and Publications:

Within the past ten years, numerous books and articles have been published throughout the world featuring artworks and statements by Fusionartists. In addition, Fusionart Productions has published several books and videos including Fusionart: Creative Expression through the Heart which features the artworks of twenty six Fusionartists in full color. Click HERE for the list of our books and to purchase them. 

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